Forbes Names B&R One of the Best Companies for Post-Pandemic Biking Vacations

Carousel Feature | Around The World | By Butterfield & Robinson

Published by Forbes
Written By Alison Olmstead


Christine Wilson, marketing manager at luxury active travel operator Butterfield & Robinson (B&R), concurs. “Overall, bookings are up by 80% in 2022. Active travel remains our most popular category, with biking trips taking the lead.”

During the lockdown, many outdoor activities boomed in popularity, including cycling, hiking, golf, running and just about anything that got us out of the house and moving in the fresh air. Because many people fell in love with new activities they were trying for the first time, some of these gains will last longer than the COVID-19 crisis, and more people want to build trips around them. That is an excellent idea, but as much of next year is already being booked, it’s time to start planning. Let’s start with cycling.

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