The Slow Fund: Finding Freedom in Creativity

Raman Kaminski is a Belarusian artist who was forced to leave his home country during the protests after the elections in 2020. He sought refuge in Kyiv, Ukraine where he had gone to art school. However, he was soon forced to leave again as a result of the Russian invasion, leaving behind his artwork and materials, and relocating to Georgia with just a suitcase in tow.

Meanwhile, a former B&R guide who had worked in Belarus and met Raman had commissioned a painting from him. She had returned to the States and was working on an Artist in Residence program at the Chapelle Ste. Catherine in Fontevraud l’Abbaye, Loire Valley, France. Through connections, Raman was found in Georgia and he was offered to be the first “Artist in Residence”. B&R’s Slow Fund is proud to have sponsored the materials needed for Raman to set up his residency. And he began painting!

After a three-month residency, Raman now calls Paris home where his talent as an artist continues to flourish. He even had the opportunity to connect with B&R travellers during a Bespoke trip to the Loire Valley this summer. 

Raman's determination and talent as an artist are a true inspiration, and he continues to pursue his dreams despite the obstacles in his path. Recently, Raman had a solo show in Paris, and his most recent work can be viewed on his Instagram page @ramankaminski