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Bespoke travel lets you take our inspirational cues and craft them into your personalized, private adventure. Collaborate one-on-one with an Experience Designer to put together your tailor-made trip.


"The Baltics have long been a very personal love affair of mine. Standing on Muhu Island in Estonia, overlooking the calm waters of the bay and watching wild swans whisper sweet nothings... those are true moments of inner peace and joy. Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, as small as they are, are so fascinatingly distinct. All three are perfect to venture off-the-beaten-track in true B&R style."

—Mario Koch, Experience Designer

wild beauty in the breathtaking baltics


Let us introduce you to Europe’s most tantalizing trifecta. Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia shimmer with tales of Vikings and crusaders woven into crumbling castles, Stalinist architecture and Gothic spires. Over half its terrain is covered in berry-filled forests, colourful bogs and sandy beaches. All yours to hike, bike, sail and forage through without another tourist in sight. When it's time for a city break, experience cutting-edge design and tech giant start-up culture in Tallinn (home of Skype!). Head to Riga and feel as if you’ve stepped into art nouveau painting come to life. Then in Vilnius, witness grand cathedrals and ancient pilgrimage sites, and you’ll soon understand why the city was nicknamed “Jerusalem of the North.” A hidden gem if there ever was one, now is the time to ditch the crowds in Central Europe and experience the remote wild beauty of the Baltics.

Discover the possibilities:


Lithuania Biking

See for yourself why Vilnius is nicknamed ‘Florence of the North’ on a dreamy hot air balloon ride over the cityscape, savouring jaw-dropping views of its massive UNESCO-listed Old Town. Follow a flat network of bike trails past ancient churches, remote villages, fertile forests and white-sand beaches, stopping to hunt for amber with a local jeweller and forage herbs with a chef along the way. Head to Plokštinė’s nuclear missile base and explore a top-secret military base. Then let your mind be blown with Lithuania’s best Nordic-inspired restaurants, local micro-brews and crisp ciders.


Baltics History & Culture

Having shared a tangled past of enduring every regional power under the sun, the Baltics now flaunt their independence with open arms. Peel back the layers of each history-drenched region, from the art nouveau gems of Riga to the medieval charm of Tallinn. In Lithuania, thousands of hours have been spent preserving the region's rich Jewish history (Vilnius was once known as the Jewish world’s ‘Jerusalem of the North’), inviting travellers to trace their roots through contemplative visits to heritage sites, restored wooden synagogues and memorial museums. With the help of our local experts, you'll unlock a myriad of historic and cultural secrets only attainable once you make it from an "outsider" to a "guest."


Estonia Wellness, Nature & Wildlife

With its sparse population and over half the country blanketed in forest, prepare to bike, hike and swim your way through Estonia's lush landscapes, sandy beaches, biodiverse wetlands and over 2,000 islands without barely another tourist in sight. Head to the woods to witness bears, birds and forage fresh herbs, mushrooms and berries. Find inner healing via Estonian sauna rituals and let a shaman bring you into a different sphere with ancient wellness traditions. Sip cocktails in your wood-fired hot tub by the sea, then fuel up on Nordic-inspired cuisine in the cultural hub of Tallinn and stay in harmony with nature at one of Estonia’s uber-sustainable properties.


Baltics Family Adventure

Explore the best of the Baltics with your family—from the medieval castles of Lithuania to Estonia's wild wetlands. Hop on board a private ship straight out of 'Pirates of the Caribbean' and cruise from one colourful island to the next, taking in the Baltics' big nature in between. Paddle, kayak and sail like a Viking. Pick mushrooms and berries in the woods, join fishermen when they empty their nets in the early morning and BBQ wild boar in the backyard of your private stately manor house. After adventure-filled days by the sea, witness incredible views on a hot air balloon, walk barefoot through the dunes, explore the bustling creative quarters of Tallinn and Vilnius and pedal past endless biodiverse nature reserves and sandy beaches.

Start the planning process

These highlights are just a sample of what you can do and discover in the Baltics. Mix and match a little bit of everything, perhaps stay in St. Petersburg for a few nights, or head west and explore Copenhagen. Connect with your Experience Designer for the Baltics to start piecing together your perfect trip.

Notes From Your Designer:

Ideal trip length: 8 - 10 days

Activity Level: 3

Starting Price: US $1,200 Per Person/Day

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