Meet the Designers

The Best in the Business

Our Experience Designers are our Superpower. They’re Batman to our Robin, and while they might not leap tall buildings in a single bound (though we wouldn’t put it past them) their ability to craft the perfect journey is superhuman. They live their regions, hang with the locals, and know those hidden spots. And once they’ve concocted the perfect combination of hotels, routes, and sensational meals, they’ll find the small moments of magic. So, relax as your Experience Designer creates the perfect, just-for-you trip. And don’t be too weirded out when you realize they’re having just as much fun as you are.

  • Edoardo Bausani

  • Marya Valli

  • Christina Cain

  • Stephanie Gulledge

  • Nathan Lane

  • Ernesto Fucci

  • Ninon Vlug

  • Karen MacRae

  • Tom Abraham

  • Rob Grieve

  • Jerome Bore

  • Georgia Yuill

  • Veronika Macas

  • Dana Quinn

  • Courtney Mundy

  • Orsolya Kako

  • Mario Koch

  • Lucy Clark

  • Tabita Miotto

  • Erin Reed

  • Eugenie Weiss

  • Florian Marbach

  • Sebastien Lalmand

  • Alvaro Diez Diaz

  • Steve Wilson

  • Christine Tucker

  • Melanie Neu

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