Our Approach to Slow Travel

Travelling at our own pace since 1966

Pioneering the art of travelling slowly

Travel isn’t just about crossing off those wish list destinations or hurrying from one tourist attraction to the next. Rather, it's a chance to explore the world in a way that challenges our perspectives and broadens our understanding of humanity's values.

Our approach to Slow Travel is rooted in the idea that by experiencing new cultures and ways of life, we can recognize the universal values that unite us. By creating authentic travel experiences, we hope to give our travellers a better understanding of the world and the people who inhabit it. At least that's our opinion.

Take a peek into a small but significant piece of our travel offerings. We couldn't be more excited to share the way B&R approaches active travel with the world. When on a bike or on a walk, there's no better way to connect with a region; to feel like a local even for a moment.

Hit the slow road

Let us help you create a trip that leaves a positive impact on the world. Get in touch with one of our Travel Advisors to start planning your next adventure.