The best way to experience the UK’s charm is on a walk

For travellers seeking a slower pace, a walking holiday offers just that while allowing you to explore far beyond the traditional sights. 

This type of holiday is growing in popularity, too, with countries around the world launching multi-day paths for travellers to conquer. Wales, for instance, is a leader. Covering the entire length of its coastline, the country debuted its Coast Path, all 1,400 km (870 mi) of it, in 2012 as the world’s first coastal walking path. 

Beyond paths that lead you through striking scenery, seeing a country while on a walking trip allows you to experience it in a more intimate way. In the United Kingdom especially, walking creates the opportunity for serendipitous meetings and sightings. You might stumble upon a gem of a bookstore walking through a village or stop for a chat with a local farmer while they’re out harvesting.  

Whether your passion is history or literature, food or photography, by exploring on foot, you will gain access to the region’s intricacies in a way unlike any other. 

The UK’s Best Walking Experiences

In Cornwall, for instance, you’ll be spoiled by access to sun-kissed views from the coastline and fresh seafood direct from the morning’s catch. The sparkling jewel of England’s West Country, trails lead you along stunning cliffs and sandy beaches where Cornish customs take centre stage: enjoy local sea shanties (traditional folk songs), shuck some oysters at St Mawes, ferry to Falmouth where a pirate hideaway from the Napoleonic Wars rests or try your hand at gig racing, Cornwall’s popular rowing sport. 

The Cotswolds is a playground for country pursuits, boasting some of the best village-to-village routes in the United Kingdom. It’s here that you’ll wander through honey-hued villages, ancient cities and lavish gardens—strolling past historical landmarks like Oxford, Bath and Blenheim Palace, the Churchill’s family residence, as you go. 



Retrace the footsteps of England’s greatest poets and novelists in the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales, two of the country’s most romantic and storied rural regions. Here, you will journey through the verdant countryside and magical national parks, and along the way get acquainted with local sheep farmers, visit literary landmarks, refuel with farm-to-table delicacies and meals by world-class Michelin-starred chefs, then rest your legs at cozy, fire-lit pubs.  

With its renowned Coast Path, it’s no surprise that Wales is best explored on two feet. Boasting emerald meadows, Roman ruins and wild rugged landscapes, highlights include visiting Pembrokeshire National Park (recognized as the UK’s only coastal national park), coastal paths in St. Davids on route to Solva, the oldest working woollen mill in Wales, and hiking the iconic Cadair Idris mountainall the while savouring farm-cooked meals and delving into local folklore and culture. 

Lakes District


Both bold and fair, Scotland’s wild landscape was made for walking. You’ll discover a land of tradition, history, warmth and welcome as you follow highland trails that run along deep lochs and towering mountains. Along with private whisky tastings, you can expect lunches served in historic inns, fiddle music that fills the evening air, sandy beaches on the Isle of Skye and Cawdor Castle, a 15th-century castle that whispers of Shakespeare's Macbeth. 

No matter the trail, walking is the best way to experience the United Kingdom’s quintessential charm.  

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