5 Wine-Focused Trips to Delight Your Palate

Winemakers often proclaim that the finest wines tell a story. From the soul of the land where grapes are nurtured to the oak barrels that cradle their essence, each bottle boasts a storied past waiting to be unravelled.

Luckily, oenophiles are blessed with a plethora of wine regions that are worth planning trips around. Close to home you can journey to the vineyards of Napa Valley or the rolling hills of Willamette Valley. But farther afield, the breathtaking landscapes of Europe and South America's Winelands have captivated wine enthusiasts seeking to taste the finest vintages for decades.

Our wine-focused trips unearth the beauty behind each blend with incredible bike rides, wine tastings and spectacular scenery. From South America to Europe, wine enthusiasts will love these five luxury wine tours.

Vienna To Budapest Wine Country Biking

While Vienna and Budapest may be known for their stately architecture and cosmopolitan allure, their wine regions are worth a detour. Oozing with old-world charm, these oft-forgotten vineyards are a wine lover's dream.

On our Vienna to Budapest Wine Country Biking trip, we're invited to an exclusive wine tasting where we'll sample rare vintages, cycle past great lakes and eat at award-winning restaurants. Through our knowledgeable guides and local friends, we'll gain a deep understanding of the history behind Austria's famed seasonal wine taverns and the Austo-Hungarian Cold War.

The incredible rolling hills, charming villages and lakeside retreats only sweeten the lot.

Chile Wine Country Biking

From deserts to snow-powdered mountain peaks, Chile has it all. It also boasts some of the finest wines in the Southern Hemisphere. With its wine roots planted during the 16th c. Spanish colonization, the Chileans have perfected flavourful, fruit-forward wines.

Our Chile Wine Country Biking trip takes you riding past row after row of grapes, ducking into local winery tasting rooms for award-winning cabernet sauvignon and pinot noir. We'll bike alongside stunning coastal beaches, past the Andes and into the bucolic countryside, stopping to taste wine at different lush vineyards along the way.

Combine this with a spectacular stay at VIK Chile, with its outdoor infinity pool, zen garden, sauna and relaxation lounge. It’s no wonder why this is the last stop on our trip.

Burgundy Wine Country Biking

Burgundy for us is literally home territory, with our European headquarters based in the region’s wine capital of Beaune. And when it comes to wine, it doesn’t get any better than this grande dame, known for producing the world's best pinot noir and chardonnay.

Thousands of miles of peaceful vineyards await on our Burgundy Wine Country Biking trip. Between cycling past famous vineyards, we'll stop at some of the most beloved vineyards in the Côte de Nuits and the Côte Chalonnaise. We'll learn all about producing the greatest luxury wines during a workshop, wine tour and private tasting by local wine experts.

And it wouldn't be a trip to France without indulging in the region's farm-to-table cheeses, fruits and seasonal veggies. So we'll dine at châteaus, picnic amongst famous vines and appreciate why Burgundy is considered amongst the world's most popular wine destinations.

Spanish Wine Country Biking

Sip and cycle your way through Spain on our Spanish Wine Country Biking trip. While exploring the Basque country and Rioja, we'll stop to sample bottles of award-winning cabernet sauvignon and tempranillo.

But this trip isn't just about the wine tours and the Michelin-starred restaurants; it's a deeper look into Spanish culture. Cycling through centuries-old villages will seemingly take us back in time, with scenes of ancient churches and cobbled laneways framing every corner.

We'll ride part of the Camino de Santiago, stopping to watch the pilgrims hike by. And rest in style at a family-run wine hotel, a luxury resort and a 13th-century convent (including two nights at the otherworldly Hotel Marqués de Riscal!). Sampling crisp sauvignon blancs and riding through Spain's most spectacular sights? We'll cheers to that.

Georgia Wine Country Walking

Georgia's wine traditions fuse with its identity, with a legacy dating back 8,000 years. UNESCO recognizes its unique winemaking method as a piece of "intangible cultural heritage," made in a clay jar called qvevri. With 400 grape varieties, their vintages reflect immense pride. It's an incredible destination for cyclists who love wine, stunning views and unique history. 

Our Georgia Wine Country Walking trip dives into why some experts consider this to be the birthplace of wine. From the capital of Tbilisi to the vineyards of Kakheti, we'll sample fine wine and local delicacies at boutique wineries and rural homes.

We'll hike through ancient villages and forests, stopping at 14th c. churches before for a traditional dinner and wine tasting. And when it's time to rest our feet, our five-star alpine accommodation with a private pool provides the perfect retreat.